Third Party Cover for Your Dogs: Beware of Loopholes!

3rdpartybigIf you are sued as a result of an accident caused by your dog it won’t ruin you. Right? 

You have a pet insurance policy which includes third party public liability cover.  No need to worry. Right?

Yes you should be covered… that is unless the accident falls into one of your pet insurance policy’s exclusions.  In which case yes you should worry.  It could cost you thousands of pounds if not more!

These are some of the exclusions we found whilst researching pet insurance policies.

Exclusions Found in Some Pet Insurance Policies

Any liability caused by

  • or arising from the ownership or use of any motorised vehicle.
  • failing to follow advice or instructions given by your pet’s previous owners or a re-homing organisation regarding your pet’s behaviour.
  • your dog escaping or straying, damaging property or attacking people if they have done this before.
  • your pet’s interaction with other animals
  • someone handling your pet without your permission

Care Responsibilities

In addition some policies impose responsibilities on you as a policyholder and if you fail to meet any of the following responsibilities then your claim can be rejected.

  • to ensure that your dog’s collar and lead are in good condition and well-fitted.
  • to keep your dog in a secure area and take all reasonable steps to prevent escape.
  • to keep your dog on a lead when loading them in or out of your vehicle in an area which is not secure.
  • to take reasonable steps to ensure that your dog is never on a “designated road” without being on a lead.

    It is important to stress here that the above exclusions and care responsibilities have been found in SOME pet insurance policies.  However there are many other policies that have none of the above exclusions.

    “Standard” Exclusions

    There are two main exclusions that we have found in the vast majority of pet insurance policies if not all.   Firstly they will exclude any claims from people who are not third parties such as your family, people living with you and often people who work with you. Secondly they will exclude all work-related accidents.


    So please check out your policy document to see which of the above exclusions apply to your policy.   If you are researching new policies don’t forget to check out the terms carefully before you make your decision as to which policy is right for you and your dog.

    Further Information

    Fact Sheet: Third Party Liability Cover

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