Vets Medicover to cover "Historic" Pre-Existing Conditions

vets med largeVets Medicover launched four new pet insurance policies last month. Three of these policies provide cover for some pre-existing conditions.

These policies will cover any conditions for which your pet has not been treated or had any symptoms in the last 2 years.

Most insurers will exclude any condition which your pet has previously suffered from, or any condition that is related to it, however long ago it was.

For example one of my dogs suffered from dermadex (a skin condition) as a puppy. He is now nearly 7. Most of the insurers I have asked would not only exclude dermadex but would not provide cover for any skin condition that he might develop in the future. Vets Medicover however will provide full cover as it was more than two years ago and he hasn’t had any re-occurrence.

This is big news for lots of pet owners who have lifetime policies and feel that they can’t move because of their pet’s medical history! Not only can they now consider the Vets Medicover policies but it also gives them a bargaining position with their current insurer. For these pet owners it is no longer simply a choice of paying a high premium or lose cover for these historical conditions!

The Vets Medicover policies are now underwritten by Elite Insurance Company Ltd. They have four new policies which were introduced on 1st February. The only policy which does not cover any pre-existing conditions is their basic policy (Silver). The other policies will all cover these “historic” pre-existing conditions.

In introducing four new policies Vets Medicover have departed from their previous single policy offering. Use the “checkout a policy box” to see a full analysis and review of each policy.

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We are passionate about making sure all UK pet owners get the best insurance possible for their pets. There are many people out there who are not aware that Vets Medicover will cover these historical pre-existing conditions and are therefore feeling “tied in” to their existing insurer when this is not necessarily the case!

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