Top Scoring Policies

We have reviewed the benefits offered by each policy and assessed all their terms and conditions and given each insurance policy a cover score! Please note that the score reflects the quality of the policy only. It does not take their claims reputation or premium prices into account. Below you can see the top scoring policies for each policy type.

For more information about the factors we assessed and how our scoring system works please see Policy Scores Explained. Cover scores and links to policy reviews for individual policies can be found on their policy page.

Lifetime Annual Benefit

Company NamePolicy NameVet FeesCover ScorePrice Band
John Lewis Pet InsurancePremier£ 12,00094%£££££
More Than Pet InsurancePremier£ 12,00093%£££££
Kennel Club Pet InsuranceKennel Club £15,000 Policy£ 15,00092%£££££
Agria£12,500 Policy£ 12,50092%£££££
NCI Pet InsuranceCover4Life Premium£ 12,00090%£££££
Petplan Pet InsuranceCovered for Life Ultimate£ 12,00089%£££££
Marks and Spencer Pet InsurancePremier£ 7,00087%£££££
Pets at HomePremier Plus for Dogs£ 9,00086%£££££

Lifetime Annual Condition

Company NamePolicy NameVet FeesCover ScorePrice Band
The Green Insurance CompanyPlatinum£ 6,00073%£££££
Paws & ClawsFive Paws£ 5,00069%£££££
ComputerquoteUltimate Life£ 5,00067%£££££
AdmiralGold£ 5,00067%£££££
Animal Friends Pet InsurancePrestige£ 6,00066%£££££
VetsurePremier Plus£ 5,00066%£££££
AAGold Plus£ 5,00064%£££££
UISDiamond Cover£ 4,00063%£££££

Maximum Condition Benefit

Company NamePolicy NameVet FeesCover ScorePrice Band
Sainsburys Finance Pet InsurancePremier Plus£ 13,00088%£££££
More Than Pet InsuranceClassic £8,000 Policy£ 8,00078%£££££
Sainsburys Finance Pet InsurancePremier£ 7,50076%£££££
Tesco Pet InsuranceExtra £7,500 Policy£ 7,50074%£££££
EsurePet Plus£ 7,50072%£££££
Direct Line Pet InsuranceAdvanced£ 8,00071%£££££
LV=Premier£ 5,00070%£££££
DebenhamsGold£ 7,00070%£££££

Time-Limited 12-Month

Company NamePolicy NameVet FeesCover ScorePrice Band
LV=Essential£ 5,00060%£££££
Homebase Pet InsuranceGold£ 5,00060%£££££
ArgosGold£ 4,00054%£££££
Sainsburys Finance Pet InsuranceStandard£ 3,00052%£££££
Direct Line Pet InsuranceEssential£ 4,00051%£££££
More Than Pet InsuranceBasic £3,000 Policy£ 3,00051%£££££
Tesco Pet InsuranceStandard£ 3,00050%£££££
Petplan Pet InsuranceEssential£ 3,00050%£££££


Company NamePolicy NameVet FeesCover ScorePrice Band
Marks and Spencer Pet InsuranceStandard£ 1,00045%£££££
HelpucoverClassic£ 1,00040%£££££
Animal Friends Pet InsurancePrime Plus£ 4,00039%£££££
HelpucoverVital£ 50035%£££££
Animal Friends Pet InsurancePrime£ 2,00033%£££££
Vets MedicoverSilver£ 2,00032%£££££
E&LSilver Senior Annual£ 1,00028%£££££
E&LSilver Annual£ 1,00028%£££££

Accident Only

Company NamePolicy NameVet FeesCover ScorePrice Band
ChurchillPet Emergency Insurance£ 1,50035%£££££
AsdaAccident Policy£ 2,50034%£££££
Virgin MoneyAccidental Injury£ 1,50033%£££££
AdmiralBronze£ 3,50032%£££££
PDSAAccident Only£ 2,00029%£££££
The Green Insurance CompanyBronze£ 2,00028%£££££
VetsureAccident Only Pet Insurance£ 2,00028%£££££
ComputerquoteValue Accident£ 2,00027%£££££

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