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Pet Insurance Policies A-Z Listing

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Healthy Pets

 NameTypeVet FeesCover ScorePrice Band 
Accident OnlyAccident Only£ 1,00019%£££££ 
BronzeMaximum Condition Benefit£ 1,00026%£££££ 
SilverMaximum Condition Benefit£ 4,25053%£££££ 
GoldMaximum Condition Benefit£ 7,50067%£££££ 


 NameTypeVet FeesCover ScorePrice Band 
EssentialTime-Limited 12-Month£ 1,00035%£££££ 
StandardMaximum Condition Benefit£ 1,00037%£££££ 
Standard PlusMaximum Condition Benefit£ 3,00049%£££££ 
VitalOther£ 50035%£££££ 
ClassicOther£ 1,00040%£££££ 
PremierLifetime Annual Benefit£ 6,00074%£££££ 

Homebase Pet Insurance

 NameTypeVet FeesCover ScorePrice Band 
Cat CareLifetime Annual Benefit£ 1,00042%£££££ 
Cat Care PlusLifetime Annual Benefit£ 2,50058%£££££ 
SilverTime-Limited 12-Month£ 3,00044%£££££ 
GoldTime-Limited 12-Month£ 5,00060%£££££ 
PlatinumLifetime Annual Benefit£ 7,50085%£££££ 

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