Pet Insurance Policies

bigstock-Veterinarian-With-Cat-46333984This part of the website aims to provide you with detailed information about individual UK pet insurance policies in a readily accessible format.

It is not however a substitute for reading the detailed policy terms which you must do before taking out the policy as the details may have changed since we did our research, or despite our best efforts we may have made mistakes (if you find any of these please use the feedback facility to let us know!).

Policy Information

We have researched each individual UK pet insurance policy including analysing the policy terms. All the information found on these pages is available on the insurer’s website but often you have to get a quote or read the policy document to find it!

  • Policy type & vet fees limit
  • Excess & contribution payment ranges
  • Maximum age for taking out a new policy
  • Vet helpline availability
  • Whether listed on price comparison sites
  • Online and multiple pet discounts
  • Key points summary – the minimum you should know before taking out the policy
  • Complementary Therapy – which therapies our covered, cover limits and restrictions
  • Excess / Contribution – excess and contribution rate details
  • Older Pets – increased excess and contribution rates, other terms re older pets
  • Benefit List – which benefits are covered (and more importantly which are not!) together with cover limits
  • Policy type & Vet fees limit

Policy Review & Assessment

We have assessed the coverage provided by each policy and give it a score out of a hundred (PISUK score). However it is important that you realise that although higher scoring policies provide more cover they may provide more cover than you require!

We have included the PISUK score on the policy details page. There is also a link to the policy review which provides a score out of 10 for each of the following aspects of the policy.

  • Vet fees limit
  • Complementary therapies
  • Third party liability cover
  • Benefits (Death, Loss, Advertising, Boarding, Holiday Cancellation)
  • Travel Cover
  • Policy Terms
  • Excess & Contribution
  • Older Pets

For more than half of the policies you will also find our detailed review comments on each section which aim to list the strengths and weaknesses of each policy.

Policy Search

Our policy search can be used to filter our database to help you find policies which meet your criteria. You can for example produce a list of policies

  • with cover over (say) £6,000 per year
  • with no condition limits
  • with no upper age limit
  • which are not listed on price comparison engines
  • listed in price bands 1 or 2 (the cheaper policies)

Checkout a Policy


Please note that pet insurance terms often change. Whilst we will do our best to keep this website up to date you must check with the appropriate insurer before making any decisions. If you find any mistakes on this website please do let us know so we can correct it for the benefit of future visitors. Many thanks!


Your Feedback

We are passionate about getting it right! So please do tell us about any problem you might have with the website whether it is

  • --a factual error
  • --a problem with the way the website works
  • --an error message
  • --a typo
  • --a display problem
  • --anything else!