Hydrotherapy and Pet Insurance

Most pet insurance policies will pay for hydrotherapy treatment for your pet. However many insurers put restrictions on when they will pay for hydrotherapy and how much they will pay for!

There are a few policies which do not pay for any hydrotherapy treatment. These are listed in appendix 1 below.

Pet insurance policies will generally stipulate that they will only pay for hydrotherapy referred for by a vet.

You also need to be aware that pet insurance policies generally have a clause which says that they will only pay for treatment which they consider to be essential and not excessive.

Professional Organisations

Many insurance companies will only pay for hydrotherapy which is carried out at a hydrotherapy centre which is a member of the Canine Hydrotherapy Association.

The Kennel Club & Agria will also pay for any hydrotherapy carried out by a vet or vet practice. Petplan will do the same providing the practice own the hydrotherapy pool.

Petplan, The Kennel Club and Asda will also pay for any hydrotherapy sessions conducted by a member of The National Association of Registered Canine Hydrotherapists.

Restricted Treatments

Protect Your Bubble will only pay for hydrotherapy carried out immediately before or after surgery.

Limited Sessions

About a quarter of all pet insurance policies place restrictions on the number of sessions that they will cover for each illness or injury. These range between 5 and 20 sessions. Please see appendix 2 for a list of pet insurance policies with restricted hydrotherapy sessions.

Low Cover Limits

You should also be aware that some insurers have quite low cover limits for complementary therapy which would also limit the number of sessions that could be claimed (particularly if your pet has also had other complementary therapies). Please see appendix 3 for policies which have a limit of less than £500.

Limited Session Fees

Finally be aware that Direct Line and Churchill Pet Insurance  have a limit of £25 per hydrotherapy session.

Appendix 1 – Policies which do not cover hydrotherapy

Buddies – Standard Policy
Co-operative – Classic Policy
Cover my Pet – Essential Policy
Cover 4 Pets – Standard, Cover4Life & Cover4Life Premium Policy
Paws & Claws – One Paw Policy
Petpals Direct – All Policies
Saga- Saver & Essential Policies
Stoneways – Veterinary Insurance Policy

Appendix 2 – Policies with Limited Sessions

Agria – Both policies – 20 sessions
Animal Care Options – Both policies – 10 sessions
Asda – Value and Standard policies – 5 sessions
Asda – Superior policy – 10 sessions
Buddies – Premier & Premier Plus policies – 10 sessions
Co-operative – Select Plus policy – 10 sessions
Debenhams – All policies – 12 sessions
Direct Line – Both policies – 10 sessions
Homebase – Silver & Gold policies – 5 sessions
Homebase- Platinum policy – 10 sessions
Kennel Club – Both policies – 20 sessions
Littlewoods – All policies – 12 sessions
PDSA – All policies – 12 sessions
Pet ID – Both policies – 10 sessions
Petplan – All policies – 10 sessions
Pets at Home – Classic & Classic Plus policies – 5 sessions
Pets at Home – Premier & Premier Plus policies – 10 sessions
Protect Your Bubble – All policies – 10 sessions
Very – All policies – 12 sessions
Vet UK – Both policies – 20 sessions
Virgin Money – All policies – 12 sessions

Appendix 3 – Policies with Low Cover Limits

The following policies have cover limits for complementary therapy which are under £500.
1st Central – Value Accident, Standard Annual, Classic Life policy – £300
AA – Accident only policy – £250
AA – Silver & Silver Plus policies – £300
Admiral – Bronze policy – £300
Admiral – Silver policy – £400
Alan Boswell – Value Accident, Standard Annual, Classic Life policies – £300
BHSF – Value Accident, Standard Annual, Classic Life policies – £300
Computerquote – Value Accident & Standard Annual policies – £300
Epet – Value Accident, Standard Annual, Classic Life policies – £300
Hastings Direct – All policies – £300
Healthy Pets – Accident & Bronze policies – £400
Pets at Home – Classic for Cats policy – £250
Purely Pets – Accident Only, Accident & Illness Essential, Accident & Illness policies – £400
Saga – Super policy – £400
UIS – Crystal Cover, Pearl Cover & Ruby Cover – £300

Note:  Policies which are not listed above do not generally have restrictions on complementary therapy other than the treatment / cost must not be excessive (this is a general clause found in all policies).

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