Lifetime Pet Insurance Policies (£7,000+ Annual Cover)

lifetime pet insurance policiesWelcome to the first of our guides to pet insurance policies. This guide provides brief details together with about all lifetime pet insurance policies available in the UK which provide annual cover of £7,000 or more. (Lifetime policies with lower limits will be covered in future guides).

We have also listed some key points for each policy which will tell you what we would want to know if we were considering purchasing the policy. It is unlikely that you will find the “perfect policy” but hopefully this guide will help you arrive at a shortlist.

You will also find the guide provides links to more details about each policy and our detailed analysis and review.

We have formatted this guide as a PDF file so that you may print it or save it on to your computer for future use. Feel free to share it with your friends, on social media or in forums. However please be aware that is it copyrighted so please do not copy!

Pet Insurance Surveys Guide to Lifetime Pet Insurance Policies (High Cover)- PDF File

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Please note that pet insurance terms often change. Whilst we will do our best to keep this website up to date you must check with the appropriate insurer before making any decisions. If you find any mistakes on this website please do let us know so we can correct it for the benefit of future visitors. Many thanks!


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