Glossary Terms

Pre-Existing Conditions

A pre-existing condition is any injury or illness that you knew about before your insurance policy came into effect.
This includes illnesses that started during the first few days of the policy (waiting period).

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Preventative Treatment

Pet insurance policies will generally not pay for preventative treatment.
Preventative treatments include vaccinations, flea and worming treatments, spaying to prevent mammary tumours or false pregnancy, etc.

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Quarantine Fees Cover

Quarantine fees cover usually pays for the cost of quarantine fees should your pet have to be quarantined either as a result of becoming ill whilst you are abroad or as a result of microchip failure.

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Referral Travel Costs Benefit

This benefit provides cover for the cost of your travel (usually mileage and accommodation) if your pet is referred to a specialist, vet hospital or referral centre.

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Repeat Worming Cover

The Pet Travel Scheme requires that you must have your pet treated by a vet for tapeworm no more than 120 hours before you travel (but at least 24 hours).

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Routine Treatment

Pet insurance policies will not generally pay for treatments which are considered routine.

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Theft Benefit

This is also often referred to as “Lost or Stolen” Benefit.
If your pet is lost or stolen and not recovered after a specified period of time then many policies will pay “compensation”

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Third Party Liability Insurance

This provides legal cover should your dog cause injury or damage to third parties. (Note: You are not legally liable for cats).

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