Glossary Terms

Lifetime Annual Benefit Policies

Lifetime annual benefit policies provide an annual cover limit for vet treatment each year.
These policies will provide vet fees cover for a condition for the lifetime of the policy.

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Lifetime Annual Condition Policies

An annual condition limit policy provides a set amount of cover for each condition per policy year.   When you renew the policy each year the cover available is reset to the full amount.
They are different from the more common condition limit policies which provide a set amount of cover for each condition over the pet’s lifetime.

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Loss of Documents Cover

Loss of documents cover usually pays for replacing lost health certificates (pet passports).

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Lost and Stolen Benefits

If your pet is lost or stolen and not recovered after a specified period of time then many policies will pay “compensation”. The specified period of time is normally 45-90 days.

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Maximum Condition Benefit Policies

These policies have a financial limit per condition but no time limit for treatment.
You can therefore go on claiming for the condition until you reach the financial limit provided the policy stays in force. Once you reach the financial limit you will have to pay for any further treatment your pet requires for this condition for the rest of their life.

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Monthly Policies

Most pet insurance policies are annual policies for which you can generally choose to pay annually or monthly with a payment plan.
However several insurers now offer monthly policies.
Monthly policies renew automatically each month until either you or the insurance company cancels the policy.

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Notifiable Disease

A notifiable disease is any disease which is required by law to be reported to DEFRA.

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Pet Travel Scheme

The Pet Travel Scheme allows you take your dogs, cats and ferrets to other specific countries and territories, and return to the UK without the need for quarantine.

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