Glossary Terms

Daily Minding Benefit

If you have to go into hospital, as an alternative to boarding kennels many policies will pay a daily minding fee for someone else to look after your pet. Some policies insist that this must be a licensed pet minder whereas others are happy to pay anyone who is not related to you or part of your family.
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Death from Illness Benefit

If your pet dies as a result of an illness many policies will pay compensation in the form of a death benefit.   All policies have an age limit for this benefit which can be as low as 4 years old for selected breeds of dog but is generally around 8 years for dogs.   It is often a little higher for cats.

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Dual Limit Policies

Dual limit policies are unusual in that they have more than one financial limit. Usually policies only have a one financial limit.

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Elective Treatment

Elective treatment is treatment which you choose for your pet that is not essential treatment required as a result of an illness or injury.Most pet insurance companies will not pay for elective treatment.

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Emergency Expenses Abroad

The cover provided varies but usually includes paying for travel and accommodation expenses if your pet is too ill to return home or is lost abroad.

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Excess Payment

The excess payment is the fixed amount you to have to pay towards the cost of the claim.
All policies have a fixed excess which is sometimes referred to as the standard excess

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Holiday Cancellation

Will pay holiday cancellation or curtailment costs if you have to cancel as a result of your pet requiring life-saving surgery either whilst you are away and/or shortly before you are due to travel.

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Many policies will pay for some hydrotherapy along with other complementary therapies. Hydrotherapy cover though is often limited.

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