Glossary Terms

Claims Rating

Claims ratings will inform you as to how good others have found the insurer to be at paying out claims.
We hope claims ratings for each policy will be available by mid 2014.

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Complementary Therapy

The majority of pet insurance policies will pay for at least some complementary therapy.
Complementary therapy is usually defined in the definitions section of the policy. Usually this includes physiotherapy, hydrotherapy and acupuncture.

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“Condition” is the term used by most insurance companies to refer to an injury or an illness.
Most policies will have their own definition in the “definitions section” of their policy document.

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Condition Limit Policies

These policies have a financial limit per condition but no time limit for treatment.
You can therefore go on claiming for the condition until you reach the financial limit provided the policy stays in force
Once you reach the financial limit you will have to pay for any further treatment your pet requires for this condition for the rest of their life. 

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Congenital Conditions

A congenital condition is a condition which your pet is born with.  It does not have to be genetic.  For example it could have developed before birth.

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Continuous Policies

Continuous policies is an alternative term for lifetime policies used by some insurance companies who are trying to avoid using the term “lifetime” policy. Some insurers now avoid this term so as to avoid giving you the impression that your pet will be covered for life.

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Contribution Payments (Co-Insurance)

A contribution payment is where you pay a percentage of the treatment costs. The percentage will depend on the policy but generally is between 10-35%. Contribution payments are also referred to as co-insurance payments, co-payments or variable excess payments.

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Cover Score

The cover score shown for each policy is our assessment of how much cover is provided by a particular policy. Every policy has been scored individually after a thorough review of the appropriate documentation.

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Please note that pet insurance terms often change. Whilst we will do our best to keep this website up to date you must check with the appropriate insurer before making any decisions. If you find any mistakes on this website please do let us know so we can correct it for the benefit of future visitors. Many thanks!


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