Glossary Terms

12-Month Policies

This type of policy covers a condition for up to twelve months from when the condition starts (providing the policy remains in force).
They are also known as a 12-month policies or time limited policies.

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Accident Policies

Until relatively recently all pet insurance policies covered both accidental injuries and illnesses. However many pet insurance companies now offer accident only policies. These usually provide cover for accidents and injuries although occasionally also included emergency illness cover.

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Accidental Damage Benefit

Cover provided by this benefit can be quite different from policy to policy!
Most policies will cover the cost of damage to the property of a third party (not property belonging relatives, employees etc) whether or not you are legally liable.

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Accidental Death Benefit

This benefit pays compensation following the death of your pet as a result of an accident or injury.
You should note that you will only receive the amount shown on the policy particulars if this is less than the purchase price of your pet. Some policies will not pay more than the market value of your pet.

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If your pet is lost or stolen most policies will pay for local advertising costs and the cost of a reward . Many policies will also pay a certain amount for expenses you incur in making your own posters.

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Alternative Medicine

Alternative medicine is usually defined in the “Definitions” section of a pet insurance policy.
In most cases it is defined as meaning “Homeopathy” and “Herbal medicine“.

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Behavioural Therapy

Some policies will pay for your pet to be seen by a behaviourist providing they are referred by a vet.
Be careful of the small print as this often says that they will only pay for behavioural therapy required as a result of an accident or illness that you have claimed for.

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Boarding Kennels (Emergency Pet Care)

If you (or sometimes a member of your household) has to go into hospital for 4 or more days many policies will pay for your pet to be boarded in a licensed kennel or cattery.
Some policies will also pay for your pet to be boarded with a professional pet carer or someone who is not a member of your household.

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