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Pet Insurance – Lost or Stolen Benefits

Most pet insurance policies will pay for the costs of advertising for lost and stolen pets. In the unfortunate event that you fail to recover your pet, most policies will also pay a lost/theft benefit to provide compensation. These benefits are optional for some policies.

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Boarding Fees (Emergency Pet Care)

Most policies will pay for your pet to be looked after in boarding kennels when you have to go into hospital but the terms vary. 

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Holiday Cancellation Cover

This benefit will provide you with holiday cancellation cover if you have to cancel as a result of your pet becoming ill. However, it is important that you understand that this benefit only covers some circumstances.

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Travel Cover

Many pet insurance policies include travel cover for when you take your pet abroad.
All pet insurance policies stipulate that if you wish to claim you must have complied with all the requirements from the DEFRA Pet Travel Scheme.

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Please note that pet insurance terms often change. Whilst we will do our best to keep this website up to date you must check with the appropriate insurer before making any decisions. If you find any mistakes on this website please do let us know so we can correct it for the benefit of future visitors. Many thanks!


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