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Vets Medicover

Vets Medicover have been offering insurance for a few years but you should note that they changed their underwriters in February 2014.

Vets Medicover are now underwritten by Elite Insurance Company who have their head office in Gibralter.

According to Elite's website they began trading in 2006, have grown rapidly, and now see themselves as one of Europe's leading insurers.

Pet Insurance Policies

Vets Medicover are almost unique in the fact that they will cover pre-existing conditions .. but only if your pet has been treatment and symptom-free for two years.

Prior to changing underwriters Vets Medicover had a single policy which was a £10,000 lifetime policy which covered vet fees and third party liability only and charged the same price for all dogs and all cats.

Vets Medicover now offer four policies, a time-limited 12-month policy and three lifetime annual benefit policies. The most comprehensive policy provides £10,000 annual cover for illnesses plus £10,000 annual cover for accidents.

Vets Medicover policies are now more similar to other available policies in that they do include a range of other benefits although some of the cover levels are quite low

They still have a very simple pricing structure although now you do have to pay more for some breeds.

The policy will cover pre-existing conditions where the pet has been symptom and treatment free for at least 2 years.

The annual cover limits apply separately to illnesses and accidents, ie. £10,000 for illnesses and £10,000 for accidents.

It is a requirement of the policy that your pet has an annual healthcheck.

It does not include holiday cancellation cover.

Customer Reviews

The average claims satisfaction score for Vets Medicover is 4.0 /5. Read customer reviews.

Current Policies Available

This is a list of current policies. Click on the policy name for full details and a link to the reviews.
 NameTypeVet FeesCover ScorePrice Band 
SilverOther£ 2,00032%£££££ 
GoldLifetime Annual Benefit£ 4,00073%£££££ 
PlatinumLifetime Annual Benefit£ 6,00080%£££££ 
DiamondLifetime Annual Benefit£ 10,00083%£££££ 

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