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Review Details Part 1

Tesco Pet Insurance  –  Customer Reviews

This page provides details of feedback we received in our 2014 Claims Satisfaction Survey in which we simply asked customers how satisfied they were with the way in which their claim was dealt with. All reviews are from policyholders who made claims during the period 1st October 2013 and 30th September 2014.

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Average Claims Satisfaction Score

4.7 / 5
5 Stars
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Sep-14 - Julii E from Herne Bay - 5/5
No question over payment and settled quickly both to myself and my vets
Sep-14 - Denise B from Litttleborough - 5/5
"Yes on the whole, plus Tesco will deal direct with vets"
Sep-14 - Ruth Lewis from Shepshed,Leicestershire - 5/5
"My dog has a heart condition and has been on medication for almost three years, tesco always pay within two to three weeks never had a problem with them."
Sep-14 - Erika from Northamptonshire - 5/5
"Myspaniel has a heart condition & is incontinent, have to claim every2 month's for 5 year's. She's also broken both her front legs, they've aways paid no problem. Very pleased with their service."
Sep-14 - Anon from West Sussex - 4/5
Always a slight wait for payout
Aug-14 - Alan Clegg from Westbury Wilts - 5/5
"We put the claim in via the vets, insufficient information was provided so we got a letter advising us that they were dealing with our vets directly & still paid quickly."
Aug-14 - Susan from East Sussex - 4/5
paid out within one week of processing claim - no quibbles
Aug-14 - Pam R from Wirral - 4/5
"The claim I've mentioned. Was over £1, 000 which my vet claimed for. As yet ( 7/10/14 ) they've not been paid. But my other dog has congenital heart failure and I've been claiming £200+ every month and they send me a cheque within 7-10days. Never questioned it."
Aug-14 - Jo L from Crawley - 5/5
We regularly claim for our cats medication for his heart condition. There are never any problems. We submit the claim form and receipts and a week later we receive a cheque for the full amount.
Aug-14 - Mary from North West England - 5/5
"Claim form received, completed, insurance paid direct to the veterinary hospital. Two different claims in two months - no problems whatsoever."
Aug-14 - Mandy T from Dudley - 5/5
Paid direct to my vet. Emails informing me of claim. Paid no problem
Jul-14 - Sian T from kent - 4/5
Paid quickly
Jul-14 - Kelly Nayar from Kirknewton West Lothian - 5/5
"handed vet claim for , had cheque within few weeks"
Jul-14 - Lorraine from Kent - 5/5
Paid out promptly without any hassle and also easy to claim
Jun-14 - Jo from Yorkshire - 5/5
"Prompt payment from the Insurance Co to our vets, keeping me informed on costs and when they have paid, good customer service"
Jun-14 - Heather M from Lairg - 5/5
My dog was put to sleep due to bone cancer. I had to phone when extremely upset and they were really good and supportive on the phone. Tesco paid a greater % of the bills than expected and sent a really nice message too.
Jun-14 - Jenny from Arbroath - 5/5
No quibbles - very straightforward and paid within 4weeks of claim.
May-14 - W Hart from West Bromwich - 2/5
"they are slow in processing and nit pick about everything they can to try not to payout Have had 3 claims this year , 2 for 1 dog and 1 for another - all three claims they refused in the beginning and had to get my vet to speak to them to verify the details on each one Eventually they paid out in full but could really do without the drama"
May-14 - Christine Bowles from Cambridgeshire - 5/5
"It was so easy, went to vet, asked for a referral, got referred and Tesco paid all but the excess with no quibble. What was even more impressive was thatvthe referral was for alternative treatmenet by a Canine Massage company."
May-14 - Trev from Sussex - 5/5
Never had any issues with the many claims we have made.
Apr-14 - Lola N from Bedford - 5/5
"Over £1,000 emergency vets bills for a dog who when passed away. Insurance company dealt with our vets directly and covered everything but cremation. All dealt with very quickly with no hassle. Our monthly premium didn't go up when we renewed."
Apr-14 - Amanda E from Bristol - 5/5
No problems at all
Feb-14 - Peter Davis from Bath - 5/5
"No questions or quibbling from Tesco regarding the claim, which I thought was good as it was the same reason as a previous claim we made with them less than 6 months prior, and paid full amount (less stated excess) very quickly."
Feb-14 - Laura S from Edinburgh - 5/5
I had to claim for a second time after two very similar claims for foot injuries on my accident prone labrador. As with my previous claims it was dealt with without delay or incident and the staff were helpful as always. Having made 2 claims within a year I was also delighted when it didn't affect my premiums.
Feb-14 - Dave P from Wickford - 5/5
Speed of paying out.
Feb-14 - Jeni from Forest Of Dean - 5/5
I paid the bill. The vets sent off the claim form. My bank account was credited within 10 days
Jan-14 - Helen from Bishops Stortford - 4/5
they were helpful and sympathetic and dealt with claim promptley.
Dec-13 - Diana from Derby - 5/5
"When my wonderful dog was ill last year and consequently died, Tesco paid every bill with no question. I was very worried at first as I thought as soon as I make a claim they would come back and say 'no your not covered' but they didn't. Can't tell you how grateful I was for that. I have now insured my other dogs with them with no qualms"
Dec-13 - Jackie from Mundford - 4/5
Vets claimed direct to tesco we were not involved apart from agreeing treatment had been carried out
Nov-13 - Julie S from lincolnshire - 4/5
"Took a couple of weeks to process claim, but paid in full minus £50 excess, I was pleased as it is inexpensive insurance"
Nov-13 - Amy W from Woodbridge - 5/5
"Phone answered promptly, claim authorised immediately and payment straight to the vets. Further fees settled promptly. Very caring & free vet telephone line to provide extra advice"
Nov-13 - Roger M from Margate - 5/5
Claim was paid in full within 1 month.
Nov-13 - Isabel B from Andover - 5/5
"Paid out immediately, very simple forms to complete."
Oct-13 - Sarah B from Stockbridge - 5/5
"All money claimed was paid out, no quibbles, over £4000"
Oct-13 - M Mccarthy from Kent - 5/5
Thay pade with no problems
Oct-13 - Tracy from Surrey - 5/5
The vet and insurance company were both very quick to deal with things
41640 - Sarah from Bristol - 4/5
"No problem with claim being accepted or value, full policy limit but did take a while for cheque s to arrive. I dealt direct with insurers."
41548 - Robert SD from Ashford - 5/5
Paid out on time no fuss.
41760 - Chris C from Dundee - 5/5
Quick payment and in full
41852 - Emma from Durham - 4/5
"Was paid out ok, last of many claims this year (cat sadly died). Took just over a month each time to receive money. Paid vet up front, then claimed from insurance company."
41699 - Gloria B from Essex - 5/5
Tesco paid out very quickly to my vet with no quibbles what so ever. Very happy with their service.
41913 - Natalie from Bradford - 4/5
"They keep in contact with you, letting you know when they have received your claim and also when they have paud you out."

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