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Review Details Part 1

Sainsburys Finance Pet Insurance  –  Customer Reviews

This page provides details of feedback we received in our 2014 Claims Satisfaction Survey in which we simply asked customers how satisfied they were with the way in which their claim was dealt with. All reviews are from policyholders who made claims during the period 1st October 2013 and 30th September 2014.

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Average Claims Satisfaction Score

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Sep-14 - Rosie from Norwich - 1/5
"Poor communication, exceedingly slow to pay out."
Aug-14 - Michelle from Basingstoke - 2/5
"Chasing to find out why the claim hasn't been settled only to be told the claim has not been moved on from the old underwriters to the new underwriter and that it will be another ten days to hear the outcome. What would have happened if I hadn't called to find out, I guess the claim wouldn't have progressed."
Aug-14 - Maxine from Leics - 5/5
Payment received promptly
Jul-14 - Sue R from Worcester - 5/5
"they always pay up quickly, straight to the vet (my choice), they've continued to pay over 3 years for things related to an initial leg injury, with no annual excess, we've now reached the £7500 limit :("
Jul-14 - Jackie B from Pewsey, Wiltshire - 5/5
"Excellent service, always helpful when you ring, respond to queries quickly, pay claims promptly without fuss"
Jul-14 - Linda B from Holystone Newcastle Upon Tyne - 5/5
paid up on time
Jun-14 - Sarah C from Nottingham - 5/5
They paid out for the condition promptly and for one part did a direct claim
May-14 - Jo H from Ceredigion - 1/5
Initially this was a split claim as Allianz became the new underwriters rather than AXA. So the first claim was very hard work. No communication etc etc. Many calls and emails later got this sorted. Mine is an ongoing claim at the moment and I feel that I am working harder than they are. The claims are getting paid but it's hard work.
Apr-14 - Sarah D. from Oxford - 1/5
"Because my claim was refused and I was told my dog had a pre-existing condition (he did not have one and my vet wrote to say so). I appealed and was told 3-5 days to resolve, and unbelievably they then took nearer to 8 weeks to decide in my favour. They tried every trick in the book, and even contacted a McTimoney chiropractors, who had seen my dog once on an occasion 5 years previous to the first sign of the symptom of the current problem. This is only one example, they actually contacted 4 or 5 different alternative therapists, one after the other, not all at the same time. Hence the long delay, despite my daily phonecalls and e-mails"
Apr-14 - Susan Anderton from Bolton - 2/5
"Everytime I phoned , I got a different advisor Depending on the advisor , I would get different information , I was kept on hold for nearly an hour on many occasions .. The clerk at the vets had the same problem when trying to sort out my claim , we got a message to say they wanted to speak with the clerk to verify something , but when she tried to opine the person who called her. They said he didn't except calls .. ? I had just lost my lovely girl and all I needed was to spend ages on the phone checking what was goi g on with my claim ... It took a good few months before it was sorted ... I was sent a form to fill in to ask if I was satisfied with their service , this you get every time you make a claim or ask for a claim form . I filled it in with my concerns and never even got a reply or a phone call .. To ask for more details ... I wouldn't recommend Sainsbury's again to anyone , but I was told they dint do my breed anymore , BERNESE ... They have had to many claims , so they inky want to insure dogs that aren't going to be ill ........"
Apr-14 - Emma from Tamworth - 5/5
Quick response
Feb-14 - Lynne T from Houston - 5/5
"Pay out within 2 wks, never had a problem with them"
Dec-13 - Rachel C from Wakefield - 5/5
Vet claimed direct and the cheque was with them within 3 weeks of treatment. This was for on going treatment and they have been great with ever claim.
Oct-13 - Riley from Glasgow - 5/5
"Paid vet direct and promptly, never queried claim even though it was for dental work and I fully expected them to query or reject"
Oct-13 - Karen from Glasgow - 4/5
"Claim no problem, paid vet direct"
Oct-13 - Clair H from Bristol - 5/5
They paid up quickly
Oct-13 - Lin from Andover - 5/5
Very quick with sorting the claim out
41760 - Emer H from Dunbar - 5/5
Quick and simple claims procedure. No issues with pay out.
41671 - Julie B from Manchester - 5/5
It was for an MRI scan and I also claim for ongoing medication. The insurance company pay the vet directly within a week to ten days.

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