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Review Details Part 1

Petplan Pet Insurance  –  Customer Reviews

This page provides details of feedback we received in our 2014 Claims Satisfaction Survey in which we simply asked customers how satisfied they were with the way in which their claim was dealt with. All reviews are from policyholders who made claims during the period 1st October 2013 and 30th September 2014.

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Average Claims Satisfaction Score

4.6 / 5
5 Stars
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Oct-14 - Patricia from Gloucester - 4/5
"Very efficient, had text to say they were dealing with the claim and usually got the cheque within 10 days."
Oct-14 - Sally L from Cheltenham - 5/5
"Spencer has had an illness and accident filled life. We have had to make numerous claims, large ones at that eg, broken leg, snake bite, horrendous near death attack in March this year and now he has a suspected tumour behind the eye. We have never once had a problem. As soon as our vet puts in the claim we receive a text to say it is being dealt with and cheque arrives within the week. Now that he is 10+ years we pay 20% of each claim but certainly over last few years we have received well over the amount we have paid in."
Oct-14 - Boo Boo from Leeds - 5/5
"Direct claim via vet practice. Paid promptly, text communication with policy holder & paper copy of details of issues."
Sep-14 - Kaye K from Poole - 4/5
I've actually claimed several times in the last 12 months. Petplan have paid me promptly each time.
Sep-14 - Kelly from Crawley - 4/5
"The PetPlan claim form was clear and easy to fill in with my details. They processed the claim within 2 weeks from me sending it off and have had payment into my account. The only thing that has let PetPlan down is their Claim tracking section on the website. I first of all looked on there and the claim was there and was recieved on the 19th Sep 2014 but then said it was closed on the 19th with no information as to weather the claim was accepted or rejected, it just said it was closed! There is a section for payment but this was blank too so I was very confused, but upon phoning up they said it was all accepted and payment was on the way. So they need to have a much better and clearer indication of what is happening with a claim on their website."
Sep-14 - Sandy P from Bristol - 5/5
Claims are paid very quickly and premium hasn't gone up very much in 3 years of an ongoing issue
Sep-14 - Ella C from Cheshire - 5/5
Payed out directly to the vets
Sep-14 - Tracey from Milton Keynes - 5/5
"I claim regularly for on going condition, they pay the vet direct, let me know by text when they have claim form and always pay within 10 days."
Sep-14 - Tina P. from Oxfordshire - 5/5
I have 10 dogs. Never have a problem claiming. If thrpetre is a hiccup then my vet sorts it out. Never make a claim that I am not covered for.
Sep-14 - Lisa from Tyne & wear - 5/5
"No hassle, vet sent form off and insurance paid direct to vet, I then paid balance which was my excess"
Sep-14 - Kylie from Dorking - 5/5
Paid in full & very quickly (within 2 weeks)
Sep-14 - JJ from Somerset - 5/5
A quick pay out.
Sep-14 - Anne A from Wootton Bassett - 5/5
"Vet sent an e-claim, all processsed & paid for in days"
Sep-14 - Heather from Sheffield - 5/5
It was a large claim and the vets dealt directly with pet plan Very simple and they paid quickly. No hassle at all for me making a stressful time so much easier.
Sep-14 - Jo from Surrey - 2/5
Lack of communication
Sep-14 - Rufus H from Wakefield - 4/5
"Good, when you get over the excess. Unfortunately one continuation not accepted. My vet claims directly, that's very good & easy for us!"
Sep-14 - Donna S from Warrington - 5/5
Paid out direct to the vet with no problems at all.
Sep-14 - Caroline H from Ripponden - 5/5
"Very prompt payment, no quibbles, all paid as expected"
Sep-14 - Sandy May from Southampton - 5/5
The referral vet made part of the claim and were paid within a couple of weeks. I claimed the rest and was also paid within a couple of weeks.
Sep-14 - Val from Scotland - 5/5
"Petplan are always very helpful and quick in paying out direct into my bank account, no hassle"
Sep-14 - Samantha J from Colchester - 5/5
phoned insurer to check it covered problem they paid vets directly no hassle
Sep-14 - Carole O from Sunderland - 5/5
"Pay the excess sign the form and forget about it, vet deals directly with the company and never had any issues no matter what the size of the claim."
Sep-14 - Ellen J from Rotherham South Yorkshire - 5/5
"They pay the vets direct, without any fuss"
Aug-14 - Jo from Norwich - 4/5
Paid out quickly
Aug-14 - Caroline S from Southampton - 4/5
"I have had to put in 3 claim forms for 3 different vets. My normal vet, the weekend out of hours vet and a specialist vet. All 3 claim forms submitted to vets. 1 paid within 2 weeks but the other 2 are still outstanding. As the vets are completing and sending to Petplan it is difficult to tell where the problem is."
Aug-14 - Sian from Caerphilly - 5/5
Settled claim promptly and efficiently. Claim was paid direct to my vet.
Aug-14 - Sarah from Bucks - 5/5
Paid directly to vet
Aug-14 - Becky S from Wokingham - 5/5
"Very easy to do, no query with it and prompt Also good communication informing that claim has been received and I would be hearing from them in 10 days."
Aug-14 - Bid from Dorchester - 5/5
"They were quick to respond, and paid everything I expected them to pay. My vets fill out theclaim for m on my behalf, but I get the payment"
Aug-14 - Wendy O from West Sussex - 5/5
"Paid out fast, no queries or questions, kept me updated every step of the way via text."
Aug-14 - Lesley from Tynemouth - 5/5
"Direct claim to Vet, paid within days of claim being sent"
Aug-14 - Sophie from Newbury - 5/5
"Paid vet direct. No questions, did not have to keep phoning them to chase payment,"
Aug-14 - Stacey from Northamptonshire - 5/5
"paid out within a week of putting the claim through, without requesting further history or details too."
Aug-14 - GF from Yorkshire - 5/5
Sent form paid no problems
Aug-14 - Carolyn S from Glasgow - 5/5
I had a claim in to my vet and the vet school at the same time (emergency care) and both were paid out within a fortnight. I received a text notifying me it would be completed within 10 days a few days after the form was submitted and it was.
Aug-14 - Penny B from Swindon - 5/5
We have ongoing problems with our border terrier and they direct pay our vet . They have never quibbled and we have been claiming for two and a half years on a monthly basis and our yearly cost has only gone up a couple of pounds .
Aug-14 - Harriet B from Derby - 5/5
Wasn't actually expecting them to pay out Vet dealt with the claim they had pre warn it might be an exempt condition
Aug-14 - Susierainbow from Nottinghamshire - 2/5
took 6 weeks and 3 requests to pay out.
Aug-14 - Peter J from Ibstock - 4/5
No fuss and paid reasonably promptly
Aug-14 - Margaret W from Salisbury - 4/5
No query from company. Paid up within 3 weeks. Claim made through vet. I paid vet and was repaid by insurance company.
Aug-14 - Matt Ej from Notts - 4/5
"Claim was efficient, disappointed that we had to pay & claim it back tho."
Aug-14 - R.Mather from Sevenoaks, Kent - 4/5
There was a slight delay as petplan did not receive the 1st claim form but once my vets e-mailed it was paid within 10 days
Aug-14 - Nichols D from North Kelsey - 5/5
The claim was from not only my own vet but a referral vet as well. The company dealt with this no questions asked and quickly paid in full for everything as expected.
Aug-14 - Alison T from Greater Manchester - 5/5
"no problems, dog was transferred to specialist vet, vets were paid direct"
Aug-14 - Kels from Falkirk - 5/5
"I was kept up to date with the processing of my claim, which was for ongoing treatment of a continuing heart condition, by text. We had to pay the vet up front and claim the amount (minus excess obviously) back from the insurer. From submission of claim, via vet, to reimbursement was less than 4 weeks. I've always had outstanding customer service from the company too. The claims process is as simple as I believe they could make it also."
Aug-14 - Sarah C from Redruth - 5/5
"Petplan handle claims exceptionally well. My vet fills in the form and send it off. Petplan send text messages to let you know when the claim has been received, processed and when it is paid out. They have always paid out everything I have claimed for."
Aug-14 - Dee from Milton Keynes - 5/5
I have one young dog with hip dysplasia and a second one with colitis so both have many claims throughout the year and Petplan have always been prompt in settling direct with their Vet
Aug-14 - Susan Janiszewski from Nottinghamshire - 2/5
"It took 6 weeks
Jul-14 - Sylvia from Forest of Dean - 3/5
The claim was paid although 2 or 3 weeks after their expected clearance date. The claim had been put to one side as it was a continuation of another claim which had been undecided when the second claim went in. The company website contained a form to enquire about progress but it didn't seem to work. As soon as I rang the company they realised that the previous claim had been sorted but this one had not been looked at again. Action was prompt when I rang though its a shame that I had to remind them to look at my claim again.
Jul-14 - Char from Doncaster - 3/5
Jul-14 - Colin from Leicester - 5/5
I have two continuing claims for my 6 year old rescue collie and having been claiming for both of these since the around the ages of 1 and 3. Petplan have always paid these claims very promptly and with never a quibble.
Jul-14 - Richard from Cambridgeshire - 4/5
It took a lot of calls and lost claim forms to finaly get an answer. But once it was being dealt with it was swift and paid in full.
Jul-14 - Carol A from Bristol - 5/5
Dealt with quickly and with no problems
Jul-14 - Mark D from Bristol - 5/5
"Very easy, my vet filled out the form and submitted it. With in a day I had text to tell me they received my claim and were processing it. Then about a week latter I had a letter to say the claim will be paid and was sent directly to the vet."
Jul-14 - Nik from Surrey - 5/5
"Fast, efficient pay out"
Jul-14 - Aila Brandon from Stevenage - 5/5
"Pet plan always sends a message when they receive the claim. The payment always comes within the next two weeks. The only problems have been from the Vet's end. I have a dog with a condition which requires daily medication and fairly frequent vet attention, so sometimes the claims take a bit of sorting out. This is a lifetime policy and for this dog is brilliant, the premiums go up but no more than they would if he did not have this condition (Portosystemic shunt). Have another dog also insured by Petplan, healthy dog, one claim, sorted quickly."
Jul-14 - Ken W from Luton - 5/5
They paid all of my claim within 2 months.
Jul-14 - Nikki from Swindon - 5/5
"Always pay out, no questions, and pay direct to vet."
Jul-14 - Vicky B from Rotherham - 5/5
Paid out quickly with no queries. Paid to me not vet.
Jul-14 - Lisa P from Todmorden - 5/5
My dog became ill and Later passed away and the insurance company was brill
Jul-14 - Rhiannon M from Findon - 1/5
"Payment was made to the wrong party - should have been direct to me, but they paid my vet. Not only that, but the invoice was for treatment at an emergency vet, so they didn't even pay the CORRECT vet! They admitted the mistake, but would not take any action to put it right - I had to ask my vet to forward the payment to my bank account, and only just in time to pay my credit card bill. If it had been left to PetPlan, I'd still be waiting. This was logged as a complaint in mid August 2014 - and I'm still waiting for their response!"
Jul-14 - Sophie from Southampton - 3/5
"Our experience was ok and thankfully everything paid. However due to having put through multiple claims throughout this year, both made directly by the vet and some by ourselves due to a number of operations things became very confusing, payments took weeks to receive whether it was to us or the vets and we were kept completely out of the loop with the claims progress."
Jul-14 - Stephanie from Staffordshire - 4/5
Have never quibbled over a claim and have always paid up although not full amount due to excess and in past age related % amount to be included on any claim.
Jul-14 - Carole Spelman from Maidstone Kent - 5/5
"This claim was made on the 4 week free puppy insurance by petplan from the breeder.No quibbling about the claim.Claim was for £191,had to pay the excess of £100 n they paid out £81 ....said they didn't cover ""special ""food stuff prescribed by the vet.I was ok with that.Decision n payment direct to me was very quick n no hassle.Have continued my policy for my pup with them."
Jul-14 - Victoria from Kent - 5/5
Everything went very quickly and smoothly. Perfect.
Jul-14 - Rachael from Cornwall - 5/5
"No hassle claiming, fully paid out on vets fees."
Jul-14 - Hayley S from Dorset - 5/5
"Quick to pay over a lengthy time period, dealt directly through vets"
Jun-14 - Jacqui from Lincolnshire - 3/5
"There was a delay as petplan said they had not received the claim from my vets (this is the first time this has happened) and the claim took quite a long time to be processed, but once done there was no problem with the payment"
Jun-14 - Emma from Cardiff - 3/5
"Claim was paid in full but petplan issued cheque to vet instead of directly to me, we're very unhelpful when I spoke to them and different customer service reps contradicted and blamed each other. Once I spoke to a manager the problem was resolved but they really need to work on their customer service staff's knowledge and attitudes!"
Jun-14 - Anon from  - 5/5
"Paid as soon as claim was submitted as usual, very prompt efficient service. Huge claim which reached the limit of insurance. Excellent! My dog was at a referral centre, I paid them, they submitted the claim form and pet plan paid me."
Jun-14 - Murphy from Tewkesbury - 5/5
prompt payment and no quibble as usual
Jun-14 - Tiggy from Norfolk - 5/5
"Claim firm printed off internet ,vet completed and sent to insurance company, few days later cheque received."
Jun-14 - Brenda from Huddersfield - 5/5
Prompt payout without any hassles or hiccups.
Jun-14 - Sue Waldren from Harrow - 5/5
"Petplan, as always, paid in full with no problems."
Jun-14 - Suse G from Dumfries - 5/5
Sent claim through vets and received confirmation that the vet Bill had been honoured and paid directly to the vet and I received a letter confirming the bill had been paid without any issue.
Jun-14 - Sarah T from Lincoln - 4/5
Paid out very quickly
Jun-14 - Angie S from Llandysul - 5/5
Claims are dealt with by vets and paid direct to vets. I receive text updates and emails on claim progress and a comprehensive claims analysis when the claim is settled. Claims are generally settled within a couple of weeks.
Jun-14 - George from Warwickshire - 5/5
"Although we had to initially pay the bills to the vet, the vet practice printed out all the paperwork and sent it off to pet plan. We were reimbursed with no problems at all the full amount (- £75 excess) for xrays/bloods/sedation etc straight into the bank. Overall a very pleased. First time we've ever had to make a claim for our puppy."
May-14 - Elise from Bognor Regis - 4/5
Would have been excellent but they took weeks to complete the claim
May-14 - Clare from Chalfont St Giles - 3/5
To start with the ins company couldn't find the claim form but once I managed to get an email contact (person) it was dealt with fairly quickly. We paid upfront and then climbed back directly from the ins co.
May-14 - Lucy J from Essex - 5/5
Paid quickly no problems
May-14 - Sally from Derby - 5/5
They are not cheep.You get what you pay for.They have been brilliant.
May-14 - Naomi from Hampshire - 5/5
I filled in my dog's and my details on an Insurance form and then left it with my vets. They then deal with Petplan direct and all I have to pay is the excess. Obviously if a claim is rejected I would have to cover the full amount but I have never been in that situation with Petplan - I believe they are also the only insurance company my vets deal directly with as they offer such a good and reliable service - they don't seem to try to get out payments. I cannot ever envisage changing my insurance company.
May-14 - India from London - 5/5
Simple form to fill out a s they pay up with no quibbles within a couple of weeks of receiving the form.
May-14 - Laine from Farnham - 5/5
Easy form to fill in Paid out no quibble Puppy Plan had only been in place a few days when first claimed on. Refunded the first excess because we took out the full policy after trial period. Didn't exempt any conditions when going from puppy plan to full
May-14 - Martin Tait from Bristol - 5/5
Directly paid to vet no questions asked no massive increase in premium dog has been receiving treatment for last 2 years other dig maxed out limit lasrlt year premium only went up by £5
May-14 - Lucy from Crewe - 5/5
Paid direct to me with no fuss or questions aslong as they had proof of the x-Rays and operation from the vet.
Apr-14 - Naomi M from Southampton - 2/5
"I had problems due to the first part of my claim being made under the 4 weeks' free cover I received when adopting my cat, but making a follow-up claim under the full cover after I had renewed it. Only the first part of the claim was settled, and my cat's condition was then listed as an 'exclusion' on the full cover, despite Petplan having reassured me by phone (when I took out the renewal) that this would not happen."
Apr-14 - Claire from Somerset - 4/5
Payment was made easily but could have been quicker. Vet claimed direct.
Apr-14 - Sarah BS from West Sussex - 4/5
Helpful on phone. Easy forms etc
Apr-14 - Jane from Cumbria - 4/5
"payment made within 2 weeks of claim, no queries."
Apr-14 - Pauline from Bracklesham Bay - 4/5
"No quibbles and reasonably quick, vet made recent claims but I get confirmation from petplan so I know it's gone through"
Apr-14 - Nicky from Bexley - 2/5
"Unwilling to pay out for the claim,"
Apr-14 - Pat Round from St Helens - 5/5
"Dog had cruciate ligament surgery and physio also had replacement cartilage.Specialist vets claimed direct. Paid out promptly and in full £3,800. Very satisfield."
Apr-14 - Debbie P from Bracknell - 5/5
It was good
Apr-14 - Eddie from Cambridge - 5/5
"Petplan have constantly been professional and quick in dealing with any claims we have made. No quibble, no hassle, easy and quick."
Apr-14 - Anni from Surrey - 5/5
very quick to pay
Apr-14 - Kirsty T from Surrey - 5/5
PetPlan always pay out promptly
Apr-14 - Karen B from Telford - 5/5
Good communication and quick payout! Forms available to download
Mar-14 - Christine B from Basingstoke - 3/5
Petplan actually received htis claim the first time of sending - they often don't - and paid very promptly.
Mar-14 - Zoe Starr from Milton Keynes - 3/5
"The claim was met in full (less the deductible amount on the policy) and the only reason I have not give a higher score is because of the length of time it took for the company to settle (nearly 3 months). The same company settled previous claims more promptly. My vet does not deal directly with insurance companies, so I have to pay up front and claim it back."
Mar-14 - Wendy B from Birmingham - 4/5
pet plan are always good
Mar-14 - Tracy from Snodland - 5/5
My dog is just 2 and going lame. No questions asked paid for xrays and referrals to Noel Fitzpatricks referrals for mri ct and xrays. Pet plan pre authorised costs upwards of £3000
Mar-14 - Rachel from Batley - 5/5
Cheque was received in a week. Phone calls with insurers was great and over a Friday night / Saturday and Sunday. Great service would highly recommend
Mar-14 - Barbara J from Southamoton - 5/5
"No quibble, vet filled in form and sent it off. Text update from PetPlan then cheque within a couple of days."
Mar-14 - Sarah from New Forest - 5/5
Paid within 10 days of claim being made and kept me informed by txt all through claim process
Feb-14 - Natalie Silcock from Nottingham - 4/5
Quick with good communication.
Feb-14 - Iain F from Dorset - 5/5
Handed the form in to vets then in a week I had the check very quick and happy
Feb-14 - Angie from Northamptonshire - 4/5
"Petplan paid for all tests and treatment without fuss, but our vets do not deal direct with insurers so the form filling and getting signed by the vets proved time consuming!"
Feb-14 - Lily from Dudley - 5/5
"they paid vet direct no quibbles over claim even though cost to them was over £5,000"
Feb-14 - Iona from Dumfries - 5/5
Pet plan have always been helpful paid out promptly used them for 27 years my vet also recommends petplan
Feb-14 - Caroline H from Preston - 5/5
"Paid direct via vet with no hassle, paperwork or extra charges for me"
Feb-14 - TB from Worcestershire - 5/5
Claim settled and cheque arrived within a week. Text communication confirming receipt of claim and then outcome. Vets completed form electronically for me.
Jan-14 - Karen from Aldershot - 2/5
"The straightforward vet part of the claim was paid very promptly and without any hassle. However, a slight misunderstanding on the physio part of the claim, which could have been very easily rectified once clarification was sent through by the physio, went on for months (3 - 4 months to receive payment), with me having to make numerous phone calls and Chase every step of the way. With each phone call I had to explain the whole history again, the staff had limited notes/information from the claims processors but I couldn't speak directly to them. Very stressful experience! In summary, straightforward claims - excellent, re-assessed claims - appalling service."
Jan-14 - Emma from Essex - 4/5
Paid out in full but took 2 weeks to do so.
Jan-14 - Sara H from Bathgate - 5/5
Petplan text to confirm that they have received your claim and they do deal with it within the 10 day time period. Payment is prompt and they payout against their terms every time (I have had multiple claims in the last 12 months).
Jan-14 - Helen V from Leicester - 5/5
"I pay the vet, the vet fills out the form & sends it away get cheque within 3weeks, it is a continuation claim, so may make it quicker turnaround. But need had any quibbles with claims through petplan"
Jan-14 - Su Eckersley from Towcester - 5/5
Vet can sometimes take a few weeks to send in claim form but I received email from Petplan when they had received claim form and received payment that same week.
Jan-14 - Sue P from Peterborough - 5/5
"The claim involved paying two separate vets but Petplan paid without any quibbling. They paid the vets directly, with no delays, and also informed us what those costs had been."
Jan-14 - Sian from Bristol - 5/5
Paid direct to vet without any problem or delay.
Jan-14 - Emma C from Colchester - 4/5
Process is fairly fast and no quibbles about claim
Jan-14 - Fred from Manchester - 5/5
Paid up immediately in bank within the week
Jan-14 - Bensdad from West Yorks - 5/5
"No issues with payment, paid the vet direct, no quibbles."
Dec-13 - Joan C from Ipswich - 5/5
The vets claimed from the insurance company so all I had to do was pay the excess
Dec-13 - June from Thornbury Nr Bristol - 5/5
I had a very sick dog and needed to claim a large amount of money - the claim was dealt with very promptly. Claim paid direct to my vet. As far as i know there was no quibbling!
Dec-13 - Janet D from Leeds - 4/5
The dog was referred for a broken tooth which the vet decided needed to be removed. She needed to have anaethestic so the vet gave her a check over first and found a small growth inside her eye lid so that was also removed at the same. We paid the vet directly and a claim was put in. A payout was received pretty quickly and everything was paid no query or quibbles. The only gripe to mark it good rather than very good was that 2 excess amounts were deducted
Nov-13 - Sharen from Cambridgeshire - 5/5
"Excellent service, very understanding throughout all claims. My claim was made through the vets with no problems."
Oct-13 - Jenny J from Worcestershire - 1/5
Because my dog had three lumps removed no one knew what they were all removed in one go and because the results came back as all being different they charged me 3 excesses.
Oct-13 - V F from Manchester - 1/5
Overly complicated and did not get paid our on a technicality
Oct-13 - Bobbi from Kilsyth - 3/5
It was at the point where we had 100 excess but also 20% of the claim went to pet plan. We never ever managed to get the money back for her arthritis drugs and her crf drugs were barely covered. If our vet had given drugs more regularly than 6 monthly we would barely gave got anything back. Sadly our cat died before this last claim was submitted This time I have gone with more than for our kittens on a friends recommendation
Oct-13 - Helen from Cambridge - 5/5
I have made many claims in the last year (at least 1 per month). Both my vets and the specialist vets I was referred to were happy to deal directly with my insurance company and all claims were processed and paid quickly.
Oct-13 - Rachel from Staffordshire - 5/5
My vet fills the form in for me and they get paid directly.I just pay the excess and get the letters of confirmation from the insurance company
Oct-13 - Laura S from Lancaster - 5/5
"Prompt payment, no quiblling"
Oct-13 - Eve from Herts - 5/5
Have made many claims with pet plan over the years. I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. I have not had a single problem when claiming with pet plan. They always pay out and usually within 2 weeks. I usually make the claim once my vet has filled in relevant info.
Oct-13 - Anon from Leeds - 5/5
"Quick, easy and direct to the insurance company."
Oct-13 - Mary from X - 5/5
Paid out very promptly no hassles even texted to say they had received claim from the vets.
Oct-13 - Jade from Cheshire - 5/5
Vet made claim on our behalf - pet plan were efficient in deciding to validate the claim and paid out on time
Oct-13 - Caryn from Durham - 5/5
Hip replacement of £5000 + paid out no problems
Oct-13 - Magda from Suffolk - 5/5
No quibbling quick pay out
Oct-13 - Sarah C from Manchester - 5/5
"Dealt directly with vet
41609 - Jan from Taunton - 5/5
"Quick, simple and not challenged"
41548 - Jane Randall from Lowestoft - 4/5
reasonably easy to claim and paid with in couple of weeks
41579 - Heather from Coventry - 5/5
"My 9 month old Great Dane puppy suddenly became ill so had to go to the vets, after the 2nd visit he died suddenly the bill was almost £1k and Petplan paid out directly to the vets within 3 weeks"
41671 - Steven D from Reading - 5/5
No issue with claim. Paid vets directly as well as dealing with vets directly. I didn't have to get involved other than the initial claim form
41852 - Jan D from Norfolk - 5/5
"Regular updates by text on the status of the claim, prompt payment and no quibbling."
41883 - Marie from Derbyshire - 5/5
"Simple form. Dealt with promptly - payment made within 10 days. Ongoing lifelong condition - no questions, queries or dispute. Payment made directly to bank account. Ability to track claim progress online if necessary."
41821 - Sarah Sharples from Blackburn - 5/5
Cheque was paid within days of the claim being processed. Always get a text to tell me when they have received the claim form from the vet so I know exactly what is happening
41852 - Ange B from Maidstone - 5/5
"Quick payment direct to vets, no queries."
41913 - Nicola from Cumbria - 5/5
Payment was prompt and efficient
41883 - Sue from Evesham - 5/5
My vet made the claim but so far has not been any problems . My dog has an ongoing complaint ie epilepsy .
41791 - M from C - 5/5
"Paid out quickly, forms easy to fill out, vet happy to do direct claim as always find they pay out"
41821 - Wendy C from Southport - 5/5
After the vet sent the claim in it was paid straight into my bank account within a week.
41548 - Bridie from Milton Keynes - 5/5
"The service I received was prompt, courteous, efficient, and the claim for surgery for elbow dysplasia, all surrounding consults and followup, plus ten hydrotherapy treatments, was settled in full. The service could not have been better."
41821 - Helen White from Lympsham - 5/5
I received the cheque promptly and it was dealt with in a couple of weeks.
41883 - Mandy S from Warwickshire - 5/5
Petplan have never quibbled about paying and settle direct with the vet. They keep you updated by text/email as to the progress of the claim. Specialist referral make an admin charge for settling direct with insurance co. but regular vet doesn't.
41883 - Steph S from Leicester - 5/5
Always pay claims quickly & cover reinstates every year
41852 - Dave from Arbroath - 5/5
No problems at all. Paid out promptly. kept informed at all stages of the claim. Vet made claim.
41883 - Anne M from Thames Ditton, Surrey - 5/5
"My initial claim was paid within a week - and when I needed a follow up visit to the vet a few weeks later, it was discovered that it was for the same condition as for the previous claim. The claim was paid up in full - no excess - in about a week."
41609 - Bob from Cotswolds - 5/5
"Dog had emergency op on a Saturday afternoon, was in ICU for 3 days....I paid excess when I collected him - they claimed, all paid quickly bar 3 x special tins of food which vets paid themselves."
41883 - Dianne from Dagenham - 5/5
"Excellent service, quick prompt payment to my vet"
41821 - Emma from Somerset - 5/5
Paid out directly to vet within days of claim going in.
41852 - Fiona from Derbyshire - 5/5
"Easy, quick, no quibble"
41913 - Ina Macallan from Chigwell - 5/5
"I have 6 animals at present, and made claims for two last month - one for ongoing medication for my dog's allergies, and one for dental work on my 8 year old cat's teeth. In both cases the vet did all the paperwork (my vet has a record of my insurance numbers) I only needed to pay the excess and received a confirmation of payment from Pet Plan within 2 weeks."
41883 - Jill from Nz - 5/5
They paid everything except an Elizabethan collar and excess and payment was direct to my vet account
41548 - Karen B from Eversley - 5/5
"Quick and efficient, paperwork completed by vets, claim paid directly to vets practice. Text messages to inform of progress of claim."
41760 - Suzanne H from Gloucester - 5/5
"Good communication, even when there was a problem. Quick to sort claim out and pay"

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