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Company Details

Paws & Claws

Paws and Claws is a registered trading name of Ultimate Pet Partners Limited.

Their policies, like several other pet insurance policies on the market, are arranged and administered by Ultimate Pet Partners Limited and underwritten by Ultimate Insurance Company Limited.

Ultimate Insurance Company (based in Gibraltar) and Ultimate Pet Partners (based in the UK) are both part of the Ultimate HC Limited group of companies based in the UK.

Pet Insurance Policies

Paws and Claw offer a wide range of policy including two accident policy and three lifetime policies.

These lifetime cover policies will pay an amount per condition per year as opposed to the more common type of lifetime policy which has an annual sum to cover all conditiions.

You have to pay a 15% contribution towards vet fees for pets over 8 years old.

The lifetime policies have limits on how much they will pay for CT/MRI scans and cruciate ligament treatment.

Customer Reviews

The average claims satisfaction score for Paws & Claws is 1.0 /5. Read customer reviews.

Current Policies Available

This is a list of current policies. Click on the policy name for full details and a link to the reviews.
 NameTypeVet FeesCover ScorePrice Band 
One PawAccident Only£ 1,00010%£££££ 
Two PawsAccident Only£ 2,00020%£££££ 
Three PawsLifetime Annual Condition£ 2,50037%£££££ 
Four PawsLifetime Annual Condition£ 3,50057%£££££ 
Five PawsLifetime Annual Condition£ 5,00069%£££££ 

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