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Review Details Part 1

NFU Mutual  –  Customer Reviews

This page provides details of feedback we received in our 2014 Claims Satisfaction Survey in which we simply asked customers how satisfied they were with the way in which their claim was dealt with. All reviews are from policyholders who made claims during the period 1st October 2013 and 30th September 2014.

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Average Claims Satisfaction Score

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Sep-14 - Janice from Buckinghamshire - 4/5
Paid fairly promptly however slightly put out that they have increased my excess as i had made claims for 2 of the 4 animals i insure with them even though the amount was still far less than I'd paid in premiums.
Jul-14 - Elaine E. from Romsey - 4/5
Insurer telephoned me to advise they'd received the claim and to ask a few questions (the claim was due to my dog losing a tooth after being attacked by another dog). Then phoned again a couple of days later to let me know the claim had been accepted and my dog wasn't deemed to have been at fault. Claim settled fairly promptly.
Jul-14 - Joyce from Durham - 5/5
"Was an ongoing claim for hydro. NFU actually rang Ne to say not received a claim form for a while, promoting me to send it in. Settled within 2 weeks"
May-14 - Elle C from Cambridgeshire - 5/5
No quibble with the claim. All paid very quickly and continued support with cover for prescription food for the next few months. Brilliant service and made a difficult time emotionally much better by not having to worry financially.
Dec-13 - Victoria M from Northampton - 5/5
Paid in quick time. No arguments about treatment. Easy to deal with.
Nov-13 - Anne S from Winchester - 5/5
"Easy to get through and speak to a named person who provided his extension number so I could get directly to the same person should I need to call again. Claim form e-mailed immediately. Prompt payment for first part, a small delay on next one but when calling to enquire they went and found the form and gave me a time frame that was realistic and the second part was paid promptly within the time quoted. No quibble and even accepted that the behavioural consultation was a direct consequence of the dog bite my dog sustained so only one excess."
Nov-13 - Caroline from Lincolnshire - 5/5
"Paid quickly, no quibbling."
41913 - GG from Northants - 5/5
I have three dogs one has had Addinsons for over 7 years another had just had his second hip replacement. Loads of claims and alway pay quickly and go the extra mile in customer services.

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