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Review Details Part 1

More Than Pet Insurance  –  Customer Reviews

This page provides details of feedback we received in our 2014 Claims Satisfaction Survey in which we simply asked customers how satisfied they were with the way in which their claim was dealt with. All reviews are from policyholders who made claims during the period 1st October 2013 and 30th September 2014.

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Average Claims Satisfaction Score

4.6 / 5
5 Stars
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Sep-14 - Christine D from Blackburn - 2/5
"They argued about the amount of the claim mainly did not believe the vets fees, had to get the vet to send the breakdown of the bill twice, then they argued about the purchase price"
Sep-14 - Julia from Bristol - 4/5
"I've made multiple claims previously with this insurance company for all of my dogs and i've never had a problem with them, they are always keen to help and response to claims and payouts etc are within reasonable time frames."
Sep-14 - Claire M from Manchester - 5/5
"Dealt directly with the specialist and I just paid the excess when paying the specialist - they had no issue claiming and had called More Than beforehand to ensure my boy was covered. More Than staff put my mind at ease when I called to clarify a few things, call centre staff were friendly :)"
Sep-14 - Karen D from Essex - 5/5
They pay promptly
Sep-14 - Fern from Kent - 5/5
Customer services are always very helpful and they always pay out for the claim that I have had to make which is an ongoing illness and accidental I also think it is good because I have a vet telephone service where you can call if you have a problem with your pet and they will look at you through to a vet nurse and she will talk to you about your pet which can intern save money by not having to make trips to the vets every time something is wrong with your dog or cat
Aug-14 - Jackie T from Wellingborough - 4/5
They have always paid out without question.
Aug-14 - Jane from York - 2/5
"Still waiting to be paid, it is an on-going claim"
Aug-14 - Sally Turner from Kent - 3/5
"They take 4 / 5 weeks to pay out, made about 8 claims this year and have had to chase them quite a few time, they have alsonot received my forms on two occasions and once when the form was sent again I received payment twice that week."
Aug-14 - Carolyn from Middlesex - 2/5
"Purely because of the amount of time taken to pay out. Sent claim off on 26/08, Insurer had promised at the very least txt updates. I called 3 weeks later as had heard nothing and was told they had just started to look at claim and would hear in a couple of days. Finally on the 30th September I received a txt to say they were completing assessment of claim form. We received the cheque 2 days later !! Over 5 weeks to process the claim. No wonder my vets don't deal directly with insurers. (Changed all three of my dogs to More Than last year as not happy with previous insurer)."
Aug-14 - K Winter from Halstead - 4/5
Took 8 weeks for the cheque to come through but they did pay out
Jul-14 - SM from Cheshire - 5/5
"No quibbles, very quick direct payment to vets"
Jul-14 - Kirsty P from North East - 5/5
Payment was prompt and communication good.
Jul-14 - Lindsay from Carmarthen - 5/5
I completed a form that I printed from more than website. Handed it to my vet to finish. They sent it off and that was it. They paid the vet direct and I then just paid the excess to the vet
Jul-14 - Rosie J from Somerset - 5/5
"Paid out quickly, didn't argue any part of claim and are aware it will be on going claim, very helpful, easy to claim. Claimed by referral vet directly, no issues. My routine vets won't claim direct"
Jul-14 - Sandra Barker from Bacup. Lancashire - 5/5
Because it was paid within 6 weeks straight to the vet. Always have had good service from them for all claims made since being with them which is for many years now
Jul-14 - Elaine from Surrey - 5/5
They paid exactly what I expected. Took about 3/4 weeks. No problems. Vet filled in all necessary details and sent form in but money paid to me.
Jul-14 - Sssss from Somerset - 5/5
Jun-14 - Kerry A from Gravesend - 5/5
Never had a problem with them paying out. they paid directly to the vet concerned but I got a confirmation letter from them to say that it had been paid.
Jun-14 - Doris L from Leeds - 4/5
"very good and quick - shame that can;t deal direct with our vets. also spoke to them about renewal, which wasn't good."
Jun-14 - Cho from Leeds - 5/5
Just take 2 week for the cheque arrival.
May-14 - Maz O from Bristol - 5/5
"took the insurance out 15days before dog dislocated hip, complete hip replacement 3500.00 pounds paid within 20 working days with no quibble direct to the vet"
May-14 - Barbara O from Wisbech - 5/5
"Both the local vet and specialist referral centre were happy to claim direct and More Than paid quickly. My dog had a freak accident and punctured both her lungs - she had a spontaneous pneumothorax - total cost of specialist life saving treatment was well over £6,000 and they didn't quibble."
May-14 - Tess C from Leyland - 5/5
Paid claim for Entropin op (both eyes) in full in 8 days :)
May-14 - Audrey J from Near Peterborough - 5/5
I have made several claims with three dogs over the past two years and More Than have always settled with my veterinary practice quickly and with no problems.
May-14 - Janet from Sheffield - 5/5
"Excellent service from start to finish. Vets invoice the insurance company direct and the only payment I had to make was my excess. There was no delay in approving the treatment to my labrador and, they even followed up with a call to ensure I was happy with the whole process."
Apr-14 - S Potter from Dartford - 5/5
Very quick payout! And very helpful
Mar-14 - Ellie C from Worcester - 5/5
Paid directly to vet. No hassle.
Mar-14 - Susan Craig from Chorley - 5/5
Because my insurance company paid out within 2 weeks and no quibbles
Mar-14 - Susan E from Errol - 5/5
"Vet filled in claim firm, and money went into my account within a week. Just no hassle at all!"
Jan-14 - Jeanette from Peterborough - 5/5
All went through well
Jan-14 - Wendy G from Sheffield - 5/5
"My vet deals directly with the company, I always get a text to say they are dealing with it, then a letter confirming it's been paid to my vet"
Jan-14 - Sue L from Bracknell - 5/5
My vets sent the claim direct to More Than and were paid out immediately and when a subsequent invoice was submitted payment was again received very promptly.
Jan-14 - Joanne S from Manchester - 5/5
"Our Sprocker broke her elbow and needed a trip to the emergency vets, x-rays and an operation to pin the elbow. The total cost was about £3000 including everything. We took our policy documents to the vets - they only needed a £100 excess paid by us then told us to download the claims form from More Than. Form was easy to find online and very simple to fill in. It was posted off and within a couple of weeks it was paid directly to the vets. They even sent us a letter saying it had been paid and wishing Millie (our dog) a good recovery. I was so impressed that it was such a simple and efficient service, without the need to make phone calls etc."
Dec-13 - Louise from Staines - 5/5
Very helpful & understanding
Nov-13 - Sharon H from Birmingham - 5/5
"always very efficient and prompt at replying when received form, processing and sending out money"
Nov-13 - Jackie from Lydney - 5/5
"they paid promptly, excess as stated - dog is veteran"
Nov-13 - Sue from Devon - 3/5
Had to chase
Nov-13 - Joanne R from Moray - 5/5
"This is the 3rd claim with More Than and they have settled each bill within one week. The first claim which was nearly £1,000 was paid to me as I had to pay a specialist, it was a godsend that I received the money back so quickly and with no problems etc"
Nov-13 - Wendy from Leicester - 5/5
Claim was paid out quickly and without any Problems
Oct-13 - Mary B from Dorset - 4/5
They pay my vet direct. I pay my excess to the vet. They sent me a letter to say they had payed my vet.
41548 - Debbie S from Ferndown,Dorset - 5/5
"There was no quibbling,I had just had my dog PTS ,they paid out everything"
41821 - Sylvia E from York - 4/5
The company took a while to process the claim and make payment. In the meantime the payment had to he covered by us.
41671 - Dan M from Bristol - 5/5
The claim was dealt with very swiftly. More than dealt directly with the vets and paid out with no questioning of the claim. A very stress free experience.
41791 - Karen Connolly from Hertford Heath - 5/5
Form was easy to complete and the money for the claim was paid quickly. Both to me and direct to my vet

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