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Review Details Part 1

John Lewis Pet Insurance  –  Customer Reviews

This page provides details of feedback we received in our 2014 Claims Satisfaction Survey in which we simply asked customers how satisfied they were with the way in which their claim was dealt with. All reviews are from policyholders who made claims during the period 1st October 2013 and 30th September 2014.

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Sep-14 - Anita E from Cheshire - 5/5
frankie had to undergo surgery for brachycephalic airway syndrome and there were no quibbles they paid direct to the vet when i paid the excess
Aug-14 - Jan from Devon - 5/5
"The claim has been ongoing for about four months, the service I get from John Lewis is fast and very efficient. Being a new client, obviously it took slightly longer the for the first claim to be accepted as needed to check dogs history, from then on , excellent service and having a nurse on 24/7 if there is a problem is also helpful, Not used them as we have excellent 24/7 vet coverage but highly recommend John Lewis Pet insurance."
Jul-14 - Robert C from Southampton - 5/5
I'd give it a 6 - Excellent. I downloaded claim form. Filled it in and handed into vet. Paid the excess. Job done. No phoning or hassle.
Jul-14 - Nicky S from Wiltshire - 5/5
"Fantastic customer service,friendly and compassionate. Claim settled quickly with no hassle"
Jun-14 - CBE from Stansted - 5/5
There is very little delay with JL settling claim once they receive form from vet. They have paid quickly for our collie's investigations and ongoing treatment for EPI.
Jun-14 - Jeff S from Chichester - 5/5
"They were empathetic towards my dogs injury and helpful throughout the claims process. Very friendly and efficient, with claim paid out in a couple of weeks"
May-14 - Iain from Oxfordshire - 5/5
The claim was dealt with by the Vets. I paid the vet up front and a payment made to me for the expense a few weeks after the treatment.
Apr-14 - Catherine H from Appleby - 5/5
"We paid the vets and surgeons directly, within days had received a cheque for the full amount, less excess in our possession. When contacting John Lewis they were sympathetic and very helpful."
Apr-14 - Lynne B from Durham - 5/5
My claim was settled very promptly
Feb-14 - Swift from Droitwich - 5/5
Claim was handled very quickly with no quibbling despite the claim being made shortly after the policy was taken out.
Oct-13 - Nicola P from Derbyshire - 5/5
"They were very understanding, helpful and paid the vets directly. Excellent customer service."
41852 - Frances M from Reading - 5/5
"Settled promptly and without fuss. Were happy to deal direct with vets. 2 vet practices were involved one dealt direct with Waitrose, other we paid because the vet charged a £15 admin to send off a form for you. This was the vet not Waitrose we checked. Waitrose paid us immediately. I think action should be taken to stop vets exploiting people this way. Incidently if you use their ""recommended"" insurers ie the one they get a ""rake off"" from they don't levy this charge."
41883 - Katy B from Malvern - 5/5
"This most recent claim is for an ongoing condition (epilepsy). My insurance company handle each claim swiftly direct with the vets. The paperwork that I have to complete is clear and easy to fill in. The vets have had no problem is receiving payment. All in all, a good service."
41852 - Catriona A from Inverness - 5/5
"Everything was sorted out quickly and efficiently with no problems or fuss. Easy to access and obtain claim forms and direct payment to vet,"

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