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Helpucover is trading style of Pinnacle Insurance Plc.

According to their website Helpucover were established in 1971 and employ more than 500 people.

The parent company of Pinnacle Insurance Plc is BNP-Paribas which is one of the world's largest banking groups employing more than 150,000 people.

Pet Insurance Policies

Helpucover currently offer six different policies which are mostly aimed at the cheaper end of the market. Only one of the policies provides more than £3,000 of vet fees cover.

Once your pet reaches the age of 8 you will have to pay 25% of all vet fees. This is a higher rate than for most other companies.

However the standard excess is low at just £60

Unlike some other policies aimed at this end of the market we did not find lots of additional exclusions in the small print.

Customer Reviews

The average claims satisfaction score for Helpucover is 4.1 /5. Read customer reviews.

Current Policies Available

This is a list of current policies. Click on the policy name for full details and a link to the reviews.
 NameTypeVet FeesCover ScorePrice Band 
EssentialTime-Limited 12-Month£ 1,00035%£££££ 
StandardMaximum Condition Benefit£ 1,00037%£££££ 
Standard PlusMaximum Condition Benefit£ 3,00049%£££££ 
VitalOther£ 50035%£££££ 
ClassicOther£ 1,00040%£££££ 
PremierLifetime Annual Benefit£ 6,00074%£££££ 

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