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Review Details Part 1

Healthy Pets  –  Customer Reviews

This page provides details of feedback we received in our 2014 Claims Satisfaction Survey in which we simply asked customers how satisfied they were with the way in which their claim was dealt with. All reviews are from policyholders who made claims during the period 1st October 2013 and 30th September 2014.

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Average Claims Satisfaction Score

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Sep-14 - Sue from Westbury - 5/5
My dog has an on going illness and they have always settled quickly as my vet does not deal direct with insurance companies
Jul-14 - Fiona D from Coleraine - 5/5
"dog was only insured 8 weeks when he showed concerning heart condition, was seen by cardiologst etc healthy pets paid claim with no problems"
Jul-14 - Sam M from East Yorkshire - 5/5
"Paid vet direct straight away no questions asked. Excess was £85 for me, nothing else to pay."
Jun-14 - Chris from Barnsley - 5/5
Healthy Pets settled the claim very quickly and paid the vets direct. I have had several claims and they have never quibbled even paying for things I wasn't sure that they would such as fluids in dogs under 5
Mar-14 - Rebecca Cameron from Fareham - 1/5
"They did not pay out as they said the breed was likely to get the condition she did......but it was not diagnosed before we took out the insurance and only a year after paying the premiums.....its like saying ""As a human, I may get cancer in later life"" well yeah!!! Going to send a final letter to dispute their decision and then will change providers."
Feb-14 - Susan Turnbull from Devon - 3/5
"generally when I have made an appropriate claim this has been honoured. However I have had a few issues that I have had to address with the company. If I hadn't I would have been unfairly out of pocket. 1. I only pay excess once pre condition and at times they have attempted to take in again 2. Unless I claim for a condition, even if it doesn't meet the threshold i.e. the amount is a first claim, does not exceed my contribution, they will jot pay when I make a second claim. 3. They have at times failed to see this is an 'ongoing' claim and have said it is a pre- condition. since I had been with them for over 7yrs they had to agree and pay."
41791 - Kylee from Gloucestershire - 2/5
Took a long time for the insurers to process the claim. Had to get details from previous vets and despite them sending them several times we still had to chase insurers before they would look at the claim again. Finally paid out but not in full and to us rather than to vets as agreed
41913 - Nicola K from Fife - 3/5
My dogs has a on going condition & they are taking 20% off each claim because he is 8 years old.

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