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Review Details Part 1

Direct Line Pet Insurance  –  Customer Reviews

This page provides details of feedback we received in our 2014 Claims Satisfaction Survey in which we simply asked customers how satisfied they were with the way in which their claim was dealt with. All reviews are from policyholders who made claims during the period 1st October 2013 and 30th September 2014.

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Average Claims Satisfaction Score

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Oct-14 - Keedra from Essex - 5/5
"I have never had a problem at all with direct line paying for any claim. Any dealings I have had with them are excellent, and they pay the vet direct."
Oct-14 - Pamela from East Lothian - 5/5
No questions asked and paid vets direct
Sep-14 - Diana from Portsmouth - 4/5
Vet dealt directly - no problems on either side paid out quickly.
Sep-14 - Kay J from Bath - 5/5
"Paid out promptly, to vet, without argument!"
Sep-14 - Monika F from Jersey - 3/5
"I had to pay the vet and reclaim. Direct Line sent me a text and email to confirm receipt of my claim, said they were busy with claims and it would take 6 weeks to process. From previous experience, should be covered for everything except £160 excess."
Jul-14 - Beth Erdman from Norwich - 4/5
Paid out even when we thought they wouldnt
Jul-14 - Kathy Gore from Norfolk - 3/5
They pay for the fees but are taking 4to 6 weeks from receipt of the claim form before ending a cheque. I also requested my account to be debited but they cannot do this they will only send a cheque
Jun-14 - Aggies from Cambs - 3/5
Paid up but not for everything. Think this was due to vet submission of form.
Jun-14 - Ruth F from High Wycombe - 5/5
"Vet claim. Direct Line were very helpful on the phone and were happy to deal directly with the vet. I received texts from Direct line when they had received the claim form from my vets and again when they had issued the cheque, which was less than 4 weeks after the claim was made. They called me to let me know how much the cheque was for and to check that I understood that the excess had been deducted."
Jun-14 - Vicky from Farnborough - 4/5
They paid up quickly and without a fuss. The paperwork was quite straightforward. The vet was happy to wait for direct payment even though this is not part of our policy package. We had to complete 2 forms because the surgery was at the emergency weekend site and the follow up care was with our vet practice. I would have rated higher if the company had not jacked up the price so very much for the following year (this year).
May-14 - Becci from Henley on Thames - 5/5
"Friendly claims team, answered random questions on what could be claimed for. Paid more than I expected for Hydrotherapy, so no complaints there. Paid out within 4 weeks. When you call to get a claim form the team will let you know the current handling time is (usually 3-4 weeks)."
Apr-14 - Elaine Towell from Bristol - 4/5
Took 6 - 8 wks to be finalised
Apr-14 - Kate H from Orpington - 5/5
"No quibble, quick payout."
Apr-14 - Jo W from Skipton - 5/5
No quibbles and quick to pay. Bet mad claim direct.
Mar-14 - Maureen from Herts - 3/5
"It was the end of an ongoing claim, my dog was diagnosed with prostate cancer in May 2013 but had had ongoing problems with urinary tract infections from Jan 2013. He had to be put to sleep in Feb 2013 after a year plus of vets visits and meds etc. When I sent in final vet's bill in March 2013 they refused to pay nearly £200 of the claim, saying that it had gone over the year. Next time I will look for a company that pays out for the duration of the illness. Also, I have another dog that had to have an emergency op for an intestinal blockage during that time, which came to £4000 +. I had to borrow this from my brother and was still waiting for DL to reimburse this when the one with prostate cancer ran up a £800 + bill for a diagnostic scan at the veterinary hospital - next time I will look for a company that does not expect you to pay up front and then claim (and wait 6 weeks plus to be reimbursed). It was a very hard 6 weeks plus."
Feb-14 - Sarah from North East - 5/5
Because Direct Line paid out my claim to my vet quickly and with no quibbles
Feb-14 - Natasha H from Kent - 5/5
"They offered to pay for most of the cost despite the surgery being in part something not covered by the insurance. She had an epilus on her gum removed and a descale of her teeth, the last part not being covered."
Feb-14 - Hillary from Braintree - 5/5
Prompt payment with no fuss.
Jan-14 - Lorraine from Herts - 3/5
"Didn't pay as much as I was expecting, turnaround time was ok"
Dec-13 - Pam D from Suffolk - 5/5
"The claim was for castration due to undescended testicle, even though the policy did not cover castration they did not query the claim as it needed to be done for medical reasons. Paid promptly."
Dec-13 - Christina from Nairn - 5/5
Claim was dealt with very quickly and paid in full
Nov-13 - Corrie M from South West Scotland - 4/5
"Claim was dealt with fairly quickly and efficiently, with no quibbles."
Nov-13 - Angie L from Kent - 5/5
"The vet accepted my claim without having to pay anything upfront, apart from the first examination ... and that was reimbursed too at a later stage. All money was paid efficiently and promptly. There was no quibbling, and the claim was handled extremely well on-line and after. Very happy, although I do pay a high premium, but I believe it is worth it for peace of mind."
Nov-13 - Sharon Y from Mosstodloch - 5/5
No hassle with claim and paid within 4 weeks.
41699 - M F from Warwickshire - 3/5
The premium after was huge

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