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Review Details Part 1

Axa Pet Insurance  –  Customer Reviews

This page provides details of feedback we received in our 2014 Claims Satisfaction Survey in which we simply asked customers how satisfied they were with the way in which their claim was dealt with. All reviews are from policyholders who made claims during the period 1st October 2013 and 30th September 2014.

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Average Claims Satisfaction Score

4.5 / 5
5 Stars
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Aug-14 - Daisy B from Buxton - 5/5
Excellent communication and speedy pay out
Aug-14 - Emma from Rotherham - 4/5
"paid vet direct, sent me a letter to let me know how much had been paid. Not too long between sending it and letter"
Aug-14 - Karen P from Brisley - 5/5
"Claim was settled very quickly, no problems, at a very upsetting time following the loss of my pet."
May-14 - R from W - 2/5
Advisors lacked knowledge of their product
May-14 - S E from West Sussex - 5/5
Quick and easy Simple forms
Feb-14 - Emma J from Alcester - 4/5
Was paid very quickly with no problems.
Jan-14 - Marg G from Bude - 5/5
No quibbles. Payed out straight away
Dec-13 - Dawn H from Preston - 5/5
"Easy to make the claim, fast pay out, no quibble at all"
Dec-13 - Jo from Basingstoke - 5/5
Fast payment
Jan-00 - Bernice from Newmarket - 5/5
Numerous claims all dealt with well once Vets had supplied with required info Claimed on monthly basis
41518 - Jackie S from Stoke-On-Trent - 3/5
"Cheque sent within a reasonable length of time, emails sent to advise of the progress of the claim, no quibbling over the cost of treatment. Claim forms not always sent when asked for and claiming the vets had not sent a full medical history (when it is standard procedure) and therefore initially rejecting the claim have been problems with previous claims."
41791 - Tillee from Devon - 5/5
It was handled quickly & effectively. I paid the vet & was reimbursed in a time period I found satisfactory to me.
41760 - Lesley from Cornwall - 4/5
Two different surgeries dealing- one is an emergency vets during evenings and weekends. So had to complete two lots of forms!
41791 - Tillee from Devon - 5/5
It was handled quickly & effectively. I paid the vet & was reimbursed in a time period I found satisfactory to me.
41913 - Anne-Marie from Essex - 5/5
"Very fast turnaround on claim, had an e-mail the day it was received to say it had already been processed and a cheque was on it's way to me. I have also claimed several times last year and they paid within a few working days."
41883 - Karen G from Gloucester - 5/5
"Paid out 4 claims (all for same condition) so far totalling approx £3K in under 2 weeks. Paid referral vet, my usual vet and myself without any hassle. Shame the policy is now being transferred to NCI."

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