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Aviva - Gold

Policy Details

Policy TypeVet Fees LimitExcess RangeContribution RangeMaximum AgeWaiting PeriodVet HelplinePay Vet DirectPrice Comparison SitesOnline DiscountMultiple Pet Discount
Lifetime Annual Benefit £ 3,500 £75-£175 0-15% 8-10 yrs 10 Days 10%10% for extra pets


Whilst we have taken great care in ensuring the information below is accurate, we cannot be responsible for its accuracy and you must check all the details with the insurer before purchasing the policy.
The details below relate to the current policy available from the insurer. Terms for existing policies you have may be different.

  • Key Points
  • Complementary Therapy
  • Excess/Contribution
  • Older Pets
  • Only covers vet fees and third party liability.
    Can pay an additional volunatary excess in return for a reduced premium.
    Does include travel cover for up to six months.
    Also includes dental cover, clinical diet and behavioural therapy.
    No contribution payments for pets under 7.

  • The following complementary medicine is covered

    Homeopathic or herbal medicines.
    Chiropractic manipulation
    There is no separate cover limit. Complementary therapy costs come out of your vet fees limit.

  • The standard excess is £75 per condition per year.
    You can opt to pay an additional voluntary excess of £25, £50 or £100 in return for a reduced premium.
    For pets aged 7 or over you must also pay 15% of the treatment costs (contribution payment).
    The excess for third party liability is £250.

  • You can take out a new policy for dogs under 9 and cats under 11.
    For pets aged 7 or over you must pay 15% of the treatment costs (contribution payment).
    Death benefits (as a result of illness) are only payable for dogs under 9 and cats under 11.

Benefits Covered? Cover Limits
Additional Benefits

Third Party Public Liability

£ 1,000,000

Death/Loss Benefits

Accidental Death

£ 500

Death by Illness

£ 500

Lost or Stolen

£ 500

Emergency Care (Boarding Fees)

Boarding Kennels

£ 500

Daily Minding

Overseas Travel

Vet Treatment Abroad



Loss of Documents

Repeat Worming

Emergency Expenses

Other Benefits


£ 500

Holiday Cancellation

£ 1,000

Accidental Damage

Behaviour Consultation


Referral Travel Cost

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