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Animal Friends Pet Insurance  –  Customer Reviews

This page provides details of feedback we received in our 2014 Claims Satisfaction Survey in which we simply asked customers how satisfied they were with the way in which their claim was dealt with. All reviews are from policyholders who made claims during the period 1st October 2013 and 30th September 2014.

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Sep-14 - Jackie Hull from Sittingbourne - 1/5
Claim was refused. They say it was a pre-existing condition just because the lump had been noted 2 years earlier though vet said there was no problem at the time (Claim was for removal of Cancerous mammary lump).
Sep-14 - Aline Roberts from Highlands Scotland - 3/5
well it could be a lot better ... we had to pay the bill in full then got a percentage from insurers...
Sep-14 - Vicki from Shepperton - 5/5
"My costs were £700 and I pay then claim it back, payment is always swift and direct to my bank account"
Sep-14 - Joan from Surrey - 5/5
I submitted the claim a couple of weeks ago and got an email confirmation of payment within 7 days. My only gripe is that this was for an ongoing treatment (lifetime cover) and I was charged the excess because apparently I would have to pay it for each new insurance year. I don't know if this is standard but it seems a bit of a swizz to me particularly as my dog is over 8 years and I therefore have to pay 35% of each claim.
Aug-14 - Sue B from Cambridgeshire - 1/5
Took ages emailing back and forth (which is the same for any claim I have put in with this company). Then didn't pay out for 2 of the dogs and only paid £16 out of a claim for £400 on another dog. They are covered for £6000 lifetime cover but may as well throw money away. Too old to insure anywhere else so have now cancelled all 3 insurances.
Aug-14 - Laura S from Surrey - 5/5
Very quick response and pay out.
Aug-14 - Liz S from Basingstoke - 5/5
"I headed to the vet with our dog and didn't think about the insurance until afterwards, but I liked the fact that we didn't have to agree the initial consultation (and associated fees) with the insurance company, we just filled in our parts of the claim form, got the vet to fill in the rest and the claim was paid promptly and directly to our account. (we'd paid the vet initially) Had it been a big procedure, then I'd have obviously phoned to clarify it, but for a ""simple emergency"" it couldn't have gone smoother. Since then we've had the renewal with no increase in premium."
Aug-14 - Ang from Sunderland - 5/5
Animal friends paid out for my dogs incontinence medication regularly
Aug-14 - Hazel from Kent - 5/5
Paid quickly everything I expected.
Aug-14 - Coral N from Crawley Down - 5/5
"Paid quickly, downloaded claim form, friendly staff, no hassle"
Jul-14 - Simon Johnson from Darlington - 4/5
Everything covered was paid on time.
Jun-14 - E from Shropshire - 5/5
Payment less than two weeks Paid everything expected
Jun-14 - Yvonne F from Wales - 5/5
Paid quickly
Jun-14 - Roslyn from Edinburgh - 5/5
"Paid out on skin condition, no fuss."
May-14 - Victoria Holt from Northampton - 1/5
Out priced out of insurance despite having a known terminally ill dog. Not helpful and no alternative was offered.
May-14 - Sylvia G from Wellingborough - 5/5
I spoke to them on the phone to ask if they dealt directly with the vet they gave me all the information I needed immediately and paid the claim without any problems the claim was £1900
Apr-14 - Jo H from Sussex - 5/5
No questions and fast payout as usual
Feb-14 - Esmerelda from Bedfordshire - 1/5
"I was unable to claim as my dog was exempt from all ""cancers, lumps, bumps, tumours and associated conditions"". I think this is outrageous as every one of these is a different disease or problem. My dog died from bone cancer but it was not ""pre-existing"", the little lump she had in her skin five years earlier was a completely separate condition. The exclusion policy is way too broad and basically means that they can refuse payment on just about anything."
Feb-14 - Jules Vickerman from Huddersfield - 4/5
"No problem paying out, I expected them to cover one lump but they covered both lumps in the same operation....they could have asked for 2 x excess payments"
Feb-14 - Sarah G from Stoke - 1/5
"Awful company, my dog had a cut on his pad and it needed stitches under anesthetic. They said they wouldn't pay because he had had skin irritations on the past!?!?!?!"
Jan-14 - Kate B from Buckinghamshire - 5/5
They paid our extremely quickly even when later invoices were submitted no questions asked
Jan-14 - Paul W from Essex - 4/5
"Paid out well, but took 35% because the dog was 8!"
Jan-14 - Jan K from Nottingham - 5/5
Dealt with very quickly - no problem
Dec-13 - Sharon from Brentford - 5/5
"Completed form after vet visits completed. Very simple form. Vet completed and posted off after finishing his section. Money in account 3wks after claim form sent. No queries, no further questions from company, just straightforward. I had paid vet so I was reimbursed the funds"
Nov-13 - Jen S from Sussex - 5/5
Treatment was authorised immediately over the phone had to pay vet and claim back but this was done quickly and hassle free
Nov-13 - Nikki R from Dundee - 4/5
They pay my vet promptly
Nov-13 - Teresa R from Exmouth - 5/5
Have paid out for each claim with no quibble approx £2000
Oct-13 - Al from Sussex - 5/5
It all went smoothly and I received the money quickly.
Oct-13 - Carl Thomson from Stoke On Trent - 3/5
Claim was handled by vets directly though as claim was for bereavement felt AF could have been a little better and knocked 30% off value of claim due to Shadow being 10 years
Oct-13 - Tracey Jn from Essex - 5/5
"Easy procedure, quick payout"
41760 - Claire from Worcester - 1/5
"The company blatantly lied and said they wouldn't pay, as it was a 'pre-exisisting condition' I was claiming for. It took several weeks and a harshly worded letter direct from my vet for them to believe me. Eventually when they admitted they were wrong, they only paid out a small bit of the total bill, saying it was in my policy to pay 35% of the bill. (Small print apparently). I have since cancelled them, their customer service was poor and rude."
41852 - John Young from Leighton Buzzard - 4/5
I have 3 gsds all with various ailments and animal freinds always pay on time and direct to the vet if needed
41791 - Jayne from Cheshire - 5/5
"I printed off a claim form from their website, filled out my details then got vet to complete their part, within 7 days they had paid the vet directly, It was very hassle free, which was a huge relief when i was already distressed that my dog had a tumour"
41760 - Vicky from Brighton - 5/5
"We had a maximum £2000 coverage for any injury. Unfortunately our dog had to have surgery on his leg and so went over and above this amount. However, the insurance company were absolutely fantastic, and agreed straight away to cover the maximum amount of £2000. We did have to pay the vet directly (this was because we had only recently registered with the vet and also due to the high cost - smaller costs would have been dealt with directly with the insurance company) and then claim back from the insurance, but as the amount was pre-authorised the insurance company paid me the money direct into my account (No waiting around for cheques) within 2 days of the surgery. We have since had a renewal quote, which has of course gone up as we have made a claim, but only by £24 for the year! (Or £2 per month.) Cannot fault them at all they were absolutely brilliant!"
41883 - Sharon L from Swindon - 5/5
Vet got pre authorisation before the (non emergency) operation so were happy to have the insurance company pay them directly.
41579 - Sarah T from Bristol - 5/5
The claim was dealt with quickly and there was good comunication.
41760 - Nicole from Bordon - 4/5
No problems
41579 - Paul R from Eastleigh - 5/5
Because there were no arguments about the claim and they paid out within 7 days and have continue paying for on going treatment with question. :)

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